Steam Pump Ranch Historic Preservation

This project was completed as a Design + Build project in collaboration with Poster Frost Mirto for the Town of Oro Valley Parks and Recreation. This project consisted of mud adobe restoration and stabilization. Mud Adobes were made on site from the existing soil in an effort to match the existing adobe. Repointing the grout using Type M mortar stabilized the stone foundation. These repairs were completed in alternating sections to reduce stress on the walls. An independent steel column was installed and anchored to a wood top plate installed on top of the adobe walls for stabilization. The Pump House has been interpreted using a ghost structure that defines the historic building volumes while also providing protection from the elements. Helical Piers were installed at all of the structure’s post locations in lieu of concrete caissons or footings to protect the adobe structure. Historic steel sheeting roof panels from the original structure were installed in a random pattern with new-galvanized panels. New lighting and receptacles were installed.