Cholla High School JTED Trades Building

Cholla High School recently added a new facility for the Pima County JTED to its campus. This facility, with an open trades classroom of 5,100 sf, will be used to train sophomores, juniors, and seniors in valuable trade skills such as carpentry, welding, and fabrication to help prepare them to enter the workforce following high school graduation. The 5,100 sf building, a pre-engineered steel structure, contains a large trades classroom and shop space, a tools storage room, boys and girls restrooms, an instructor’s office, and a mezzanine storage space for additional equipment and materials.

Due to long lead times for the metal building, Durazo Construction has to work closely with the manufacturer to fast track the order and work on a tight schedule to have the building ready for 2020 Spring Semester. Durazo Construction teamed up with Cholla’s JTED Trades Teacher and allowed for learning opportunities for the students at critical project milestones throughout the duration of the project.